Value Capture’s new Bay Area office makes support for the pursuit of habitual excellence readily available to West Coast clients, such as our anchor partner, the San Mateo County Health System.

San Mateo County Health System (SMCHS) is a great example of a learning organization that is working with Value Capture to help elevate its already robust and successful Lean transformation to the next level, both within divisions and across the health system.

SMCHS chose Value Capture out of 22 other leading Lean consulting firms, citing “its significant breadth of experience in industries and sectors relevant to the Health System divisions, its proven skill in coaching executive and mid-level leadership to successfully deploy an improvement system across large diverse teams, and its competitive pricing.”

Since 2005, Value Capture’s accessible leadership framework has helped healthcare systems and other organizations make significant and measurable advancements in safety, quality, efficiency, and financial well-being. We work with organizations just starting their Lean journeys, as well as those that have made great progress, but have reached a performance plateau. Our clients are breaking through plateaus thanks to our advisory design that focuses on leadership behavior and the systems that enable improvement and learning among everyone, every day.

With Value Capture’s coaching, daily training and practice, SMCHS aims to create an enterprise-wide system of continuous learning and improvement that engages every employee as part of a problem-solving team, thereby maximizing value creation for its direct clients and all the residents of San Mateo County.

Value Capture helps clients break through Lean performance plateaus by focusing on leadership behavior and enabling improvement and learning among everyone, every day.

So how does Value Capture help organizations such as SMCHS, which are determined to pursue dramatic transformations?

The system begins with a game-changing philosophy developed by Value Capture chairman, Paul O’Neill, former Alcoa CEO and U.S. Treasury Secretary. O’Neill’s intense, laser-like focus on safety made Alcoa the safest workplace in the world. The ongoing process improvement methods allowed Alcoa to improve every other aspect of the business, resulting in higher efficiency, profitability, and an 800% improvement in market capitalization. Over the years, Value Capture has honed O’Neill’s methods to drive change across an entire organization producing results that are profound, measurable and sustainable.

Differences that matter to your success.

  • We coach senior leaders using a proven leadership framework
  • We focus on principles and behaviors, not just tools
  • Our explicit design helps organizations to empower every employee to be part of a problem-solving and management system, thereby reducing firefighting and enabling elimination of whole classes of problems, risk and harm.

Making profound change happen—coast to coast.

Value Capture, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has helped scores of organizations across the country solve basic issues facing healthcare systems today—too little safety, too little quality, too much cost, not enough efficiency and poor satisfaction.

Our distinguished team of advisors and thought leaders uses a proven leadership framework and the Toyota/Lean principles to help organizations like yours achieve habitual excellence via one unifying focus, one values-based structure, and one performance system. In other words, we help you capture dramatically more value through achieving perfect care and perfect safety for patients and staff.

And now, with the opening of our office in San Mateo County, our expertise is more readily available to organizations throughout California and the western time zones of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Meet our West Coast team.

D. Geoffrey Webster

Geoff Webster, Founding Partner

A co-founding principal of Value Capture, Geoff provides support to CEOs of healthcare organizations dedicated to perfecting worker and patient safety, and unleashing the full potential of employees by empowering them to design value-added meaningful work. Prior to forming Value Capture, Mr. Webster was a co-founder and Director of the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative. He helped conceptualize, develop and lead this regional performance-based health reform initiative, achieving best-in-nation regional results in the elimination of several classes of risk for patients.



Shana Padgett, Client Advisor

Shana Padgett is passionate about improving the lives of patients and the organizations that care for them, and has led change initiatives for more than 25 healthcare organizations during her career. Ms. Padgett is an experienced facilitator, trainer and coach, with years of experience leading organizations in the planning, execution and sustainability of strategic improvement initiatives for quality, affordability and service.

To learn more about our new West Coast office, please contact Geoff Webster at 412-398-3090 or