Strengthening Our Ability to Deliver Value – Value Capture Is a Shingo Institute Licensed Affiliate

Value Capture is very honored to be a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute. With this affiliation, Value Capture has bolstered its proven, principles-based framework to help organizations in their quest for operational excellence.

All leaders pursue success for the organizations they lead. Precious resources are committed to improvement projects and initiatives. New systems and tools are deployed, gains are made, but then they often recede. Despite all the best intentions and detailed planning, a seemingly unbreakable cycle of progress, gain, plateau and regress settles in. Something must be missing, but what?

The Shingo Model*

Systems and tools are not enough to sustain excellent performance. Only people can sustain excellence, and they can do so only when the organizational culture promotes and engages their capability to succeed. A corporate culture – the behavior of an enterprise and its people – is based upon the principles that drive the organization.

Shingo Model

The Shingo Model is derived from Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence*

  1. Ideal results require ideal behaviors
  2. Beliefs and systems drive behaviors
  3. Principles inform ideal behavior

Thus, the Shingo Model recognizes that sustainable excellence ultimately rests upon principle-driven behavior. There are 10 Shingo Guiding Principles that become the basis for building a lasting culture and achieving enterprise excellence. The Guiding Principles, which include Respect Every Individual, Focus on Process, and Create Value for the Customer, have long served as inspiration and a beacon for Value Capture and our work with clients.


Guiding Principles Portrait

How to Learn More – Shingo Workshops

Discover Excellence

Value Capture is proud to offer the Discover Excellence Workshop, a foundational, two-day seminar introducing the Shingo Model, the Guiding Principles and the Three Insights to Enterprise Excellence. With real-time discussions and on-site learning at a host organization, this program is a highly interactive experience. It is designed to make your learning meaningful and immediately applicable as you learn how to release the latent potential in your organization and achieve enterprise excellence.

As a DISCOVER participant, you will

  • LEARN and understand the Shingo Model
  • DISCOVER the Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence
  • EXPLORE how the Guiding Principles inform ideal behaviors that ultimately lead to sustainable results
  • UNDERSTAND the behavioral assessment process through an interactive case study and on-site learning
  • APPLY your learning with a call to action

Cultural Enablers

This deeper-dive workshop focuses on the principles of the Cultural Enablers dimension:
  • Respect Every Individual
  • Lead with Humility
Cultural Enablers principles make it possible for people in an organization to engage in the transformation journey, progress in their understanding and, ultimately build a culture of enterprise excellence. Enterprise excellence cannot be achieved through top-down directives or piecemeal implementation of tools. It requires a widespread organizational commitment. The CULTURAL ENABLERS workshop will help you define ideal behaviors and the systems that drive them using behavioral benchmarks.

Continuous Improvement

Building upon the knowledge and experience gained at the DISCOVER EXCELLENCE workshop, Continuous Improvement begins by teaching you how to clearly define value through the eyes of your customers. It continues the discussion about ideal behaviors, fundamental purpose and behavioral benchmarks as they relate to the principles of Continuous Improvement, and takes you deeper into the Shingo Model™ by focusing on the principles identified in the Continuous Improvement dimension:
  • Seek Perfection
  • Embrace Scientific Thinking
  • Focus on Process
  • Assure Quality at the Source
  • Flow & Pull Value
The CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT workshop deepens your understanding of the relationship between behaviors, systems and principles and how they drive results.

Enterprise Alignment

This workshop delves into the principles identified in the Enterprise Alignment dimension and the Results dimension:
  • Think Systemically
  • Create Constancy of Purpose
  • Create Value for the Customer
To succeed, organizations must develop management systems that align work and behaviors with principles and direction in ways that are simple, comprehensive, actionable and standardized. Organizations must get results, and creating value for customers is ultimately accomplished through the effective alignment of every value stream in an organization. The ENTERPRISE ALIGNMENT & RESULTS workshop continues the discussion around defining ideal behaviors and the systems that drive them, understanding fundamental beliefs and using behavioral benchmarks.

Learn by Hosting a Shingo Workshop

Serving as a host site for a workshop provides the host with the opportunity to share learnings and discuss challenges with like-minded peers, and the benefits of having “fresh eyes.” Workshop participants interact with employees in host-selected work areas, where participants develop skills in gathering information to identify the strength of the links from principles to systems to behaviors, and results. Each workshop culminates in a report-out of findings, which leaders of the host are encouraged to engage in. If you are interested in hosting a Shingo workshop at your organization, please contact Melissa Moore,

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Our Certified Facilitators

We are proud to introduce you to our facilitators, located in our Pittsburgh and Northern California offices, as well as Mexico. Each is certified to conduct the Discover Excellence Workshop, and those with asterisks are also certified to teach the ENABLE, IMPROVE and ALIGN workshops. They are:

Lisa Beckwith

José Bustillo

Leslie Corak

Shana Padgett*

Meghan Scanlon

Ken Segel*

Geoff Webster

About the Shingo Institute

The Shingo Institute is home of the Shingo Prize, an award that recognizes organizations that demonstrate an exceptional culture that fosters continuous improvement. Part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, the Shingo Institute is named after Japanese industrial engineer and Toyota advisor, Shigeo Shingo. Dr. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in concepts, management systems and improvement techniques that have become known as the Toyota Production System.

Drawing from Dr. Shingo’s teachings and years of experience working with organizations worldwide, the Shingo Institute developed the Shingo Model™ which is the basis for its several educational offerings, including workshops, study tours and conferences. Workshops are available in English and Spanish through Value Capture, LLC. For more information on workshops, the Shingo Prize, or to register to attend the International Shingo Conference, please visit


* The Shingo Model and Three Insights to Enterprise Excellence are trademarks of the Shingo Institute.