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Habitual Excellence eBooks

We are pleased to offer these free PDF eBooks. The first is a collection of speeches of the late Paul H. O’Neill, Sr., in which he shares his leadership insights that guide leaders in achieving their goals of excellence. The second compiles stories and reflections of people who learned from him in various settings.

Think About Safety in a New Way

How do you define safety? Learn about 3 types of safety and why each is important to performance improvement

The Theoretical Limits of Safety

Get inspired as Paul O’Neill talks about how articulating inarguable goals, such as perfect patient safety, can transform an organization, boosting quality and lowering costs with no trade-offs.

Captured: A BSI rate of zero over a year at The University of Pennsylvania Health System

Value Capture helped UPHS achieve a goal that seemed impossible – zero blood stream infections. That translated to 66 fewer deaths, a $2.9 million increase in revenues and a $3.6 million reduction in actual bottom line costs. Best of all, it created a proud, can-do culture.

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