eBook: A Playbook for Habitual Excellence

We are pleased to offer this free PDF eBook, a collection of some of the speeches of the late Paul H. O’Neill, Sr., in which he shares his leadership insights as a way to help guide leaders as they seek to achieve their goals of excellence.

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Think About Safety in a New Way

How do you define safety? Learn about 3 types of safety and why each is important to performance improvement

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Watch Paul O’Neill speak about record-breaking patient safety.

Get inspired as O’Neill talks about how articulating inarguable goals, such as perfect patient safety, can transform an organization, boosting quality and lowering costs with no trade-offs.

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Captured: A BSI rate of zero over a year at The University of Pennsylvania Health System

Value Capture helped UPHS achieve a goal that seemed impossible – zero blood stream infections. That translated to 66 fewer deaths, a $2.9 million increase in revenues and a $3.6 million reduction in actual bottom line costs. Best of all, it created a proud, can-do culture.

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