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We Agree Safety is a Precondition to All Work

Hear Value Capture team members talk about why patient safety is important to them — and how staff safety is an equally important and intertwined concept. How do we work toward Zero Harm?

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At a time when healthcare systems and their staffs were overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Duke HomeCare & Hospice (DHCH) was able to reduce nurse turnover by 50 percent, decrease billing delays by more than two-thirds, and improve the reporting and capture of data for in-home patient safety. 

Habitual Excellence eBooks

We are pleased to offer these free PDF eBooks. The first is a collection of speeches of the late Paul H. O’Neill, Sr., in which he shares his leadership insights that guide leaders in achieving their goals of excellence. The second compiles stories and reflections of people who learned from him in various settings.

Toward The Theoretical Limits of Safety

Get inspired as Paul O’Neill talks about how articulating inarguable goals, such as perfect patient safety, can transform an organization, boosting quality and lowering costs with no trade-offs.

Value Capture is a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute

Value Capture is proud to be a licensed affiliate of the Shingo Institute, which enables our team to teach the Shingo Model's framework of organizational excellence throughout a series of workshops. 

The Shingo Institute is respected globally for its education and research into a deceptively simple question – What makes some organizations truly and sustainably excellent?

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Free eBook: Habitual Excellence Starts with Safety — Before, During, and After a CrisisRead Now!