Bristol Regional Medical Center: Improving Patient Care and Reducing Cost

This hospital wanted to redesign its environmental services process. With Value Capture’s teaching, they achieved improvements in space, costs and patient care.

For this hospital in Bristol, TN, a revamp of the environmental services process using Lean principles produced a direct cost savings of $112,000 and reduced the space needed for these supplies by 75%. Dramatic savings in square footage as a consequence of process improvement and waste elimination is a Value Capture specialty.

Additionally, the creation of a reliable, pull-based equipment resupply process – using simple ideas and no expensive technology — was able to free up 11 RN FTEs and apply this time to direct patient care. This improvement was by cited by the nursing staff as by far the most positive change at the hospital in years in the annual human resources survey. The successful equipment supply redesign allowed nurses to spend measurably longer at the bedside. Using the same Value Capture principles, Bristol’s staff drove other major improvements including a 75% reduction in falls across the hospital.

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