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Another Inspiring eBook — “Lasting Impact: Leaders Share Lessons from Paul H. O’Neill, Sr.” [Excerpt]

Download the free PDF here Value Capture is excited to announce the release of our second free eBook in our “Habitual Excellence” series of publications. The new book is titled, “Lasting Impact: Leaders Share Lessons from Paul H. O'Neill, Sr.” Today, December 4th, would have been the 85th birthday of Paul H. O'Neill, Sr., so […]
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It’s Everyone’s Job to Demonstrate What Excellence Looks Like

In 2009, Paul O'Neill gave a speech to the Tennessee Hospital Association, titled, “The Irreducible Components of Leadership Needed to Produce Continuous Learning and Improvement.” Among other topics, Paul talked about the worldwide effort undertaken within Alcoa (while he was CEO) to evaluate the quarterly and year-end closing of the books, root out wasteful parts of […]
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