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Shingo Principles + Gritty Resilience = Sustaining a Learning and Improvement Culture

“You have to be resilient and gritty in your pursuit of [safety]. It’s every event, every day, with people committed to understanding what happened and a commitment to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” said Dr. Richard Shannon, Executive Vice President of Health Affairs at the University of Virginia Health System, in his keynote address at the […]
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Complete Methodology

With CEO Turnover at Record Levels, the Traditional Playbook May Not Keep You on Top

At a time when the healthcare market is finally supposed to reward value, the vast majority of health system leaders are responding instead with moves from the traditional playbook. Across the country, we are seeing waves of morale-crushing layoffs, the addition of “facilities charges” to procedure charges without providing any additional value, and mergers and […]
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Healthcare Patient at Scheduling Desk

Innovations and Best Practices in Healthcare Scheduling

Patient waits have been a long-standing concern in healthcare. Waits occur throughout the continuum of care and are built into and budgeted for within day-to-day operations. The status quo is changing, however, as patient experience becomes linked to provider payment, efficiency and service become differentiators between hospitals and providers, and patient expectations evolve. While excellent […]
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Man holding sign showing chart that goes down thanks to Lean

What is Lean and What are the Results?

Properly executed as a core of a complete business strategy, “Lean” or “Deep Lean” can produce a trifecta for a healthcare organization – dramatically improving quality, financial results and satisfaction among both patients and staff. However, most hospital “Lean” implementations fall far short of what is possible, and some work labeled “Lean” ignores key principles […]
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