High Reliability Organizations and the Value of Preoccupation of Failure

High Reliability Organizations (HROs) approach harm and the risk of harm differently, with the goal, plan, systems and mindset that only Zero Harm is acceptable. Learn more from Tony Milian, Senior Advisor with Value Capture.

You can also listen to Tony talk about these concepts in an episode of our Habitual Excellence podcast.

Video: Enduring Excellence Participant Reflections

Patient Safety and Quality: The New Currency of Academic Medicine

Fast-forward 4 minutes into this enlightening video as Dr. Richard Shannon of the University of Virginia talks about the organization’s journey toward the pursuit of excellence and quality and safety for patients.

Hear Paul O’Neill speak about transforming performance in healthcare.

The Responsibility of Leaders to Create An Ambitious Vision

In this series of short videos, Paul O’Neill talks about the need to create an all-encompassing vision for your organization and the power of aiming to be the best at everything you do.


CNN touts our system as a national model for controlling hospital infections and costs.


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Watch Paul O’Neill speak about record-breaking patient safety.