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We are pleased to present free eBooks to our clients and to our broader community. The first two are focused on Paul O'Neill and our “Habitual Excellence” series. You can find other eBooks further down on this page and we look forward to bringing you more!

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A Playbook for Habitual Excellence: A Leader's Roadmap From the Life and Work of Paul H. O'Neill, Sr. is a collection of transcripts — compiling key speeches and testimony that Paul O'Neill was invited to give to a U.S. Senate committee. The book also includes a foreword by Dr. John Toussaint, an introduction by Paul O'Neill, Jr., and a summary of the “playbook.”

You'll find inspiration in his views on leadership and his actions provide a “playbook” that can be followed by leaders in any organization.

We are thrilled to share another ebook, Lasting Impact: Leaders Share Lessons from Paul H. O’Neill, Sr. Lasting Impact shares reflections from a number of healthcare leaders, former Alcoa executives, Value Capture leaders, and others, and provides first-hand accounts of the significant influence O’Neill has had on these leaders, how they conduct themselves as leaders, and their organizations.

To gain a deeper understanding of specific experiences of leaders moved to action by Paul O’Neill, and how his impact has and continues to bend the arc of organizational performance toward excellence, please download this ebook and share with your colleagues and networks.

Again, it was our privilege to be able to host the first Value Capture webinar!

Ken Segel, our Value Capture CEO was joined by Michael Bundy, Chief Executive Officer of Prisma Health Baptist Hospital and Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital, and Missy Danforth, Vice President of Health Care Ratings for The Leapfrog Group.

You can now read a transcript of Mike Bundy's conversation with Ken Segel from the webinar in a PDF eBook format!

Free eBook: Habitual Excellence Starts with Safety — Before, During, and After a CrisisRead Now!