Lasting Impact: Leaders Share Lessons From Paul H. O’Neill, Sr. [eBook]

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“The lesson I learned [from Paul O'Neill] – and it changed me forever – was that every day, every worker at the hospital needs to be treated with respect. These conditions are my responsibility.”

– Cliff Orme, President, International Hospital Corporation


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“If I don't demonstrate my commitment to excellence, nobody else needs to…. So yeah, it's frequently in my mind: What am I doing today that will help everyone I come in contact with feel positive and improve something for tomorrow? My behavior is the #1 way I can do that.”

Kathryn Correia, President and CEO, Legacy Health

We are thrilled to announce Lasting Impact: Leaders Share Lessons from Paul H. O'Neill, Sr. This eBook is available in honor of December 4, O'Neill's birthday, to celebrate his life and legacy. Lasting Impact shares reflections from a number of healthcare leaders, former Alcoa executives, Value Capture leaders, and others, and provides first-hand accounts of the significant influence O'Neill has had on these leaders, how they conduct themselves as leaders, and their organizations.

“When you take on a leadership role, you can't look around and say, ‘Somebody should fix this.' It's you. You've got the data, it's staring you in the face, so you've got to figure it out and learn. And you're not going to get it right the first time. You've just got to keep going.”

Stephen Muething, MD, Chief Quality Officer, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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