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Trusted Advisors


We’ve shown dozens of hospitals and healthcare systems how to achieve sustained transformations with profound results. If you’re ready to join them, we’re ready to help. Our experts will work with you and your teams to provide comprehensive methodology, as well as advisory and teaching support.

We’ll help you:

  • Learn how to lead performance transformations that eliminate waste and create value
  • Design the ideal strategy for your organization and discover how aligning under one inarguable goal makes it possible to tackle challenges at all levels
  • Execute the strategy successfully, including fully adapting your leadership and daily management systems to accelerate and sustain your gains
  • Leverage the insights and power of the Shingo Model and Principles to embed a culture of continuous improvement and focus on the customer

“I am not sure there is another firm out there that could have helped us like Value Capture has. What they do is not cookie cutter. They make us really work through the key issues and dilemmas, so we can really get this done.”

– Dan Varnum, CEO of Mercy North Iowa

Value Capture Seminars


Achieving world-class quality, safety, and financial results requires a shift in paradigm around the leadership framework of your organization. In our intensive seminars, we’ll teach you how to apply new principles in real-world environments to deliver the highest quality at the lowest possible cost to customers.

   On-Site Self-Assessment

Our most popular program explores ways you can create a leadership framework that will inspire and unleash staff to create world-class results for your organization. Our experts will provide you and your team with an inside look at real-world applications and how they have transformed hospitals across the U.S. Then we will dive deep, working together to compare the current state of your own improvement and management systems against world benchmarks and identifying how to apply this framework specifically to your organization.

     Shingo Institute Workshops

We are proud to serve as a licensed affiliate of the Shingo Institute, the world's leading institution in the study of organizational excellence. The Shingo Institute conducts cutting-edge research, provides relevant education, performs insightful enterprise assessments, and recognizes organizations committed to achieving sustainable world-class results. We are pleased to facilitate the Shingo Workshops, which offer leaders and their organizations the opportunity to learn about the Shingo Model™ and Principles in-depth, as well as immediately apply these learnings in frontline work situations. Please click here for more information.


  CEO Seminars

We offer small, peer group seminars with some of the world’s most renowned safety and business leaders. Here you can develop, test and hone the leadership framework necessary to inspire and unleash staff to create world-class safety and financial results – literally cutting years off the time it took market leaders to pioneer this approach. The leadership framework is rooted in the pursuit of perfect safety and the proven principles of Lean, but incorporates them into a complete, practical leadership strategy.

Seminars are structured to facilitate the sharing of practical applications, real-world examples, and keys to success. Afterward, you’ll be offered a facilitated on-site self-assessment to help you see how the transformation framework might apply to your own organization and how you might specifically incorporate it in your own leadership strategy.

Download the flyer from our October 2016 here.

Please contact us to learn more about our On-site Assessments and CEO Seminars.

“The interactive nature and the hands-on nature have really challenged me as a CEO and I think will definitely make me a better CEO.”

Carol Burrell
Northeast Georgia Health System

  Board Seminars


You might understand the need for transformation, but does your Board of Directors?  We can get your board on board by helping them understand the daily challenges that drive the need for change, teach them the thinking behind Lean methods and introduce a set of principles they can use as a foundation to engineer change at the governance level.

Learn more about our Board seminars, offered in conjunction with Catalysis:


“It was a great opportunity to learn directly from Paul O’Neill and his leadership at Alcoa from 1987 to 1999. To hear of his one essential focus on safety – no equivocation — inspired our team. To envision what it would be like for everyone in the organization, every day – in a quest for perfect care and perfect safety, for patients and staff alike. To seek the highest quality and safety, lowest cost, and shortest customer response time, without tradeoffs – the same approach used by the world leaders.”

Rob Colones, CEO
McLeod Health

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