Tony Milian

Senior Advisor
B.S. (2001), Industrial Engineering (Manufacturing), University of Miami
M.S. (2002), Industrial Engineering (Manufacturing), University of Miami
Six Sigma Black Belt

Tony has a 20-year career dedicated to generating transformational improvement in Healthcare, Medical Devices, Defense, and Manufacturing.  Prior to joining Value Capture, Tony enjoyed a 12-year career at Johnson & Johnson, Inc., where he had the opportunity to work on multiple consulting teams that delivered significant results in Hospital and Healthcare facilities across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Two examples were Valumetrix Services® Organization and ODLean™.   As one of the founders and Senior Manager of Operations at ODLean™, Tony managed a team of field advisors that engaged with over 400 eye care practices across the U.S. and Canada.  Tony’s team contributed to an average increase in schedule capacity of 40%, reduction in patient waiting times of 40% – 50%, and increases in revenue per patient of 20% – 30%.

More recently, Tony developed a consultancy called Practice CoPilot, LLC, where his team leveraged RFID and Bluetooth technology to monitor and analyze critical metrics on patient flow and staff efficiency.  His team would leverage this data to coach medical practices through their business transformations.  His clients averaged a 400% return on their investment.

During his tenure at Practice CoPilot, LLC, Tony was introduced to ValueCapture and Paul O’Neill’s philosophy of leveraging safety as a core value to create a platform for transformational business improvement.  Tony was able to see the results of this philosophy first hand at The University of Virginia Medical Center, where he worked with Value Capture to establish “Be Safe” as a culture in their Accountable Care Organization.