Thought Leadership from Valued Partners

Building a Learning Culture is Essential to an Improvement Culture

Value Capture is built on a foundational belief that continual learning, fostered and encouraged by leaders and throughout an organization, is the essential key to creating a culture of improvement and the continual improvement that comes from such a culture. In that spirit, we believe it is important to share resources and thought leadership from our partners and peers. Below are selected posts, podcasts, videos and other learning content from Catalysis and Mark Graban. We anticipate adding more valued partner resources over time.


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Value Capture has been honored to be a partner with Catalysis for many years. Catalysis is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization, whose ultimate goal is to transform the healthcare industry. Catalysis does this through careful research that includes listening to healthcare leaders and sharing best practices and innovative thinking that results in system change. The vision of Catalysis is to transform the healthcare industry to deliver higher value through experiments, collaboration, and education that integrates the three interdependent components, spreads learning, and accelerates improvement.

From “The Lens” (Podcast)

Mark Graban's

Mark Graban is a senior advisor with Value Capture and we've liked his blog and podcasts for a while now. He writes regularly, not just about Lean in healthcare, but also about Lean thinking and Lean leadership in a wide variety of settings and industries.

From Mark's Blog

From the “Lean Blog Interviews” Podcast

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