Capturing the value of perfect care

In 2005, Value Capture was founded with Paul O’Neill, former Alcoa CEO and US Treasury Secretary, whose innovative thinking made Alcoa the safest workplace in the world. As a consequence of this achievement, O’Neill realized another important outcome – an increase in the company’s efficiency and profitability.

For over a decade, O’Neill’s passion for reducing healthcare costs and improving healthcare safety has been channeled into the work at Value Capture, where the methodology has been honed.

Today, the distinguished team of advisors and thought leaders at Value Capture seeks to help you and your organization achieve habitual excellence via one unifying focus, one value-based structure, and one performance system. In other words, we help you capture dramatically more value through achieving perfect care and perfect safety for patients and staff. 

We developed the approach with world leaders in quality, safety and profitability, inside and outside healthcare. Starting with some of the earliest proofs that perfect safety and financial gain go hand-in-hand in American hospitals, Value Capture has helped CEOs from community hospitals to the nation’s largest academic medical centers to integrated delivery systems tailor the strategy to their unique circumstances to produce hardwired results.

Our principle-based methods are helping healthcare organizations across the country capture and sustain astonishing increases in safety, quality, efficiency and satisfaction, all while lowering costs.

The Catalysis Connection

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Value Capture partners with Catalysis (formerly the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value) to advance our shared missions of creating greater healthcare value by increasing quality and decreasing costs. Catalysis selected Value Capture as one of a handful of partners working with them as advisors, innovators and educators to help healthcare organizations provide greater value.

The Power of Guiding Principles - Our Affiliation with the Shingo Institute

In 2017, Value Capture was honored to become a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute, a world leader in the research and provision of resources focused on organizational excellence. A primary educational resource through which leaders and their teams can learn the power of principles and how they drive behavior — and therefore, outcomes — is the Shingo workshops.

Be sure to check out our workshop schedule. If you are interested in holding a workshop for your organization, please contact Melissa Moore,

CLEAR Sponsorship

Value Capture is proud to be a sponsor of the Center for Lean Engagement and Research in Healthcare (CLEAR). Launched at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, CLEAR seeks to transform healthcare delivery by providing the knowledge to help organizations eliminate waste and create greater value resulting in the continuous improvement of patients’ outcomes and experience of care, population health, and reduced growth in the cost of care.

The mission of CLEAR is to conduct timely, relevant, and actionable research on lean whole system transformation initiatives in healthcare. The mission of Value Capture is to help healthcare organizations transform to continually and sustainably deliver significantly higher safety and quality to patients while lowering costs. With evidence-based research from CLEAR, leaders will be better able to effect systemic transformations, and thereby help deliver on our aligned missions.

Recognized Expertise

Value Capture is proud to be recognized for creating profound, positive and sustainable changes in healthcare.

  • The book Beyond Heroes: A Lean Management System for Healthcare details the breakthrough business performance system developed by ThedaCare, Inc. health system. We have been selected by Catalysis to help other organizations learn this powerful lean daily management system.
  • O’Neill’s legendary transformation of Alcoa using Lean principles and a focus on safety is featured in Charles Duhigg’s New York Times bestseller, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.
  • O’Neill has been recognized with the President’s Award by the National Safety Council and given OSHA’s highest award in recognition of his efforts on behalf of the nation’s workers.
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